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Do you want to advance the revolution, but not going to go out there to get arrested just for activism? Do you think that it’s not your revolution if you can’t have fun? Would you like to reach out to normal people with an activity that will raise their revolutionary consciousness and that they’ll do because it’s fun even though they won’t immediately get the politics, but then they’ll come to understand bits of it and then join the party? Then Trot Wars is the game for you!

Brothers and Sisters, Proletarian Democracy’s education committee are proud to introduce the latest tool to help forward our revolutionary aims. This game is fun, educational and Chucklist. Players start campaigns on important issues that are affecting working class comrades. Arrange public meetings, demonstrations and strikes to fight the bosses/politicians/tory scum and resist attacks on our communities. Book the best speakers you can, try to stop your annoying members turning up, and sell as many papers as possible in a timed round. Find out if the parties you joined with in the united front are ideologically sound enough to unite with in a new party, or if they need more time to come to the correct positions on various questions. Decide if comrades in your own party have slipped backwards and whether the path to revolution is best walked together, or if for now, you must go your own ways, taking as many members with you as possible, of course.

Will you unite the advanced section of the working class into the one true vanguard party, and lead the proletariat into glorious revolution? Or will you find creeping autonomism, reactionary attitudes and secterianism leading to splits and making the individual glory of selling papers and recruiting members becoming the best way to forward the interests of the class as a whole – after all, the splitters in Proletarian Unity Group aren’t going to do it are they?

The game is fun for the whole family, activists and ordinary people will enjoy the fast paced action of setting up united fronts and events against the clock of the bosses/politicians/tory scum forever robbing the working class of a hard won concession. You’ll experience the thrill of the paper sale, the joy of recruiting a new comrade to the cause, the despair as a split renders a promising movement impotent, and know the true meaning and value of far left Trotskyist organising.

Ages: 5 – 197 (recommended for 12 and up)

Number of players: 3 – 13 (recommended 5-11)

Game time: 45min – 2hr


Trot Wars is available in Print and Play format only- download pdfs of the cards, print them yourself and supply all components.

If I get enough feedback on the rules and the game, I will look at getting printed cards and complete games for sale.

Just the cards – Buy pre-printed cards, you supply all the generic components. Estimated price £15

Full Game – boxed game with cards and all components needed. Estimated price £30

Each game sold makes £5 profit, which will go to Boycott Workfare (£2), LDMG (£2) and the Urban75 forums server fund (£1).

If you are interested in buying the full game, subscribe to the mailing list 

The game is now available, download the cards and the artwork from this page. Please subscribe to the mailing list to register your interest in joining us on the barricades of your table top this Spring.

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Trot Wars is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


10 thoughts on “About the game

    • One way or another, yes this will be ready by April.
      At the moment I am struggling to get the rules written up in a way that is intelligible without me there (I never realised how difficult this would be). If I’m not happy with them by the end of March, I will release the game as a print and play version only. If i get enough feedback on the rules from that, then I’ll look at doing a card set/full game release for Christmas.

      • That’s great news. We would be happy to make notes and send them to you once the print and play is released if that will help.

    • I’m going to release a print and play version after Easter. If I get enough feedback on the rules/game and people wanting to buy a pre-made game, I’ll sort out a release for Christmas 2016.

  • I’m reading Robert Service’s biography of Trotsky at the moment, a bundle of laughs. I imagine the game will involve organising a printing press, having enormous energy, being an inspiring orator, not listening to anyone who disagrees with you, being inconsistant, taking over genuine grass roots movements in the name of the proletariat then leaving them in the lurch when convenient. A brilliant book I seriously recommend, (apart from Service’s, who does his best to make Trotsky seem affable) is The Eitingons by Mary-Kay Wilmers published by Faber. Apart from being a family memoir it reveals, through excellent research the connections to Trotsky’s assassin.

  • I’m so excited for this and today’s the last day before April – any chance it will be out on time?

    • I’m going to release the print and play version tomorrow.. April fools day seems appropriate for a humorous game, and what’s one day between Comrades?

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