Print and Play – free

Print your own version, or get one printed

setup 1 cropped

Trot Wars rule book

Download the card set (9 cards per A4 sheet)

Play card set 72mb pdf, 1 card per page alternating front/back for professional printing

If you need the artwork in a different format, please email I will be putting up high res jpegs for download over the weekend.

You need to supply:
8 activist tokens per player
some money tokens per player, a monopoly set will work using the smaller denominations
a one minute countdown timer
some 6 sided dice – 2 minimum, but 2 per player recommended
a player token per player / card stands
a start player token

Excellent BoardGameGeek thread on making DIY games

For rules clarifications, please email

Please send me feedback on the game and rules, as I would like to release complete games and sell them to raise money for good causes, but haven’t been able to do enough blind playtesting to feel confident that the rules are properly understandable. If I get enough feedback on the rules, and good feedback on the game I still intend to sell complete games so if you would be interested in buying one in the future, please let me know at

If you want to hear if/when the game is released in premade paid for versions subscribe to the mailing list


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